Towards Lower or Higher Dimension

There will be a presentation on the last week of the short semester among the Vision Group.

  • Xiaoran (Part1)

    Dimensionality Reduction: Overview and related techniques

  • Pintong(Part2)

    Support Vector Machine: Principle and applications

Since preparing presentation is time consuming, it’s ok for you to only look at the part you present. And me too know no much about part2 and part3, if you have any question or any difficulty, feel free to ask.

More details about the presentation haven’t been decided yet.

Part1 Dimensionality Reduction

  1. What is the Curse of Dimensionality ?
  2. Seven Techniques for Data Dimensionality Reduction

Part2 Dimensionality Increase

  1. Support vector machine
  2. Optional: RBP Networks

    Part3 Feedforward Neuron Network: A Deeper Look

  • Self-learning with the Deep Learning Specialization provided by deeplearning.ai.


The following link is just optional, you can look up more references.

  1. Dimensionality Reduction Techniques: https://chenrudan.github.io/blog/2016/04/01/dimensionalityreduction.html
  2. SVM: https://blog.csdn.net/liangjun_feng/article/details/78868895

What You Need to Submit

2018/7/20 Weekly report and study report.



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